What is?

Infrared radiation is an electromagnetic wave that operates at a frequency outside the visible spectrum, that is, It is invisible to human eyes. Being a non-ionizing radiation, It does not offer health risks. It has this name because it has a lower frequency than red light.

Infrared therapy is widely used in the fields of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. The therapy is safe, natural and can be offered as an alternative treatment for various diseases, as pain and stiffness and arthritis, among others.

The basic principle of the use of infrared light for physiotherapy purposes is its ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, non-invasively and painlessly. Logo, it can offer many benefits to the health of your horse.

Benefits of Infrared in Equines

✓ relieves pain;
✓ muscle relaxes;
It increases blood circulation ✓;
✓ It facilitates the movement of the joints;
It regenerates cells ✓;
✓ It stimulates the immune system;
✓ Promotes healing of skin and muscles;
✓ Decreases fatigue.




It provides pain relief for, causes increased metabolism, variation in pain threshold in the subacute and chronic phases and reduction of muscle spasm. Muscle relaxation is also another effect due to increased collagen extensibility and a reduction in the excitability of muscle spindles. Acceleration of tissue repair, metabolism increase, blood flow, enzyme activity and chemical processes together with vasodilatation improved the healing and cell mitosis. Because the temperature rise also occurs increase the elasticity of the tissue (collagen extensibility).

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