Dummy for semen collection

Semen collection is used for breeding and offers some benefits to the producer, as the selection of genetic, herd control, More offspring, no need for the stallion and the mare are in the same place etc.. There are several ways to accomplish this collection and various types of semen quality, as well as conservation and bioreprodução techniques.

Before collection, the stallion's penis should be washed thoroughly. The washing should be done with clean water, no antibacterial soap, then it must be dried gently. Reusable equipment must be sanitized. Lastly, some care should be taken in transport, because sperm are sensitive to brightness variations in temperature and.

Benefits of using dummy for semen collection EQUIBOARD
✓ More security for the stallion and the vet;
No need ✓ the presence of a mare;
✓ costs of collection and hand reduced work;
✓ bulk collection facility.



  • Length: 150 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 128 up to 145cm (when erect)

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