surgical table

Installed in more than 120 hospitals in Brazil and Latin America, the Surgical Table EQUIBOARD streamlines the operating room space.

It has 3 mobile and removable trays, support supine, Enterotomy table, stainless steel finish, horizontally and special mattress with a central recess for positioning the horses comfortably supine, beyond the exclusive drive by remote control.

As trays for members and head are mobile, They may be placed in any position on the perimeter of the table or withdrawn.

Mattress as longitudinal concavity to give comfort and stability to the patient in supine, with a thickness of 15 cm with foam density 33 e 45 coated with a sturdy bag, with opening at the bottom for the removal and cleaning thereof.

THE Fixation System by side bus ensures the stable positioning of the accessory tray at any table position. System for fixing supine.

As wheels polyurethane ensure easy and silent movement, even with the horse on the table.

Control ascent and descent accurate and safe, relying on a safety valve that ensures the stability of the table, plus drive by remote control.



Easy system

✓ Call and Use;
✓ streamlines the space the operating room;
✓ Easy cleaning;
✓ Easy maintenance;
✓ side bus system for the accessory support trays;
✓ System of ascent and descent and need quiet;
✓ Great aesthetics and easy maintenance;
✓ Manual activation and remote control.

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