Biological Microscope Binocular 40x to 1000x TNB-01B




Increase: 40X a 1000X
Binocular tube with Inter pupillary adjustment 48mm ~ 75mm, diopter adjustment on the eyepiece holder, 30º inclined, rotation 360 with lock pin and anti-fungus system.
Ocular: WF 10X (18mm).
Objetiva SEMI-PLAN: 4X, 10X, 40X (R), 100X (R)OIL.
platinum mechanical, 41mm X 76mm movement in Y conjugates right buttons, vernier scale.
Abbe condenser step 1.25 NA with iris diaphragm, port filter and motion by rack and pinion.
focus: Coarse adjustment with tension and desktop 20 mm. Micrometer with course 20 division mm and 0.002 mm. Micrometer in bilateral buttons.
Lighting: 3W LED light intensity adjustment.
automatic input voltage 90VAC ~ 240VAC.
Packing: Styrofoam box and cardboard.

optional accessories: Halogen lighting .Objetiva infinite flat-achromatic. Kölher lighting.


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