BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE stereoscopic 2B TIM C / ZOOM, 10 – 160X



TIM-2B microscope meets a broad range of use of stereo microscope. Allows viewing of several samples in three dimensions.

Stereomicroscope BINOCULAR

Increase: 10X ~ 160X

binocular tube Interpupillary adjustment 50mm 75mm, diopter adjustment on both door +/- 5 diopter, inclined 45 ° and swivel optic body 360.

Ocular: WF 10X e 20X.

zoom lens: 1X ~ 4X pivotal movement buttons and bilateral.

Auxiliary objective 2X.

Platinum circular 95mm and a white diffusing glass / black.

Focusing macroscales with voltage regulation.

Lighting: Transmitted LED board / Reflected LED

coupled blue filter based.

Input voltage 90 ~ 240 VAC.

optional accessories.

darkfield and directional tweezers to gemology area.

Packing: Styrofoam box and cardboard.

Instruction manual in Portuguese.



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