Stereoscope microscope Trinocular Tim 2t Zoom 10x to 160x


Increase: 10X a 160X
trinocular tube with 50mm interpupillary adjustment
75mm, diopter adjustment on both doors +/- 5 diopter, inclined 45 ° and swivel body
optical 360.
Ocular: WF 10X e 20X.
zoom lens: 1X ~ 4X pivotal movement buttons and bilateral.
Auxiliary objective 2X.
Platinum circular 95mm and a white diffusing glass / black.
Focus macroscales with voltage regulation and desktop 60mm.
Fit on the shaft of the stand 90mm.
Transmitted illumination 12V 10W halogen lamp. Reflected 12V 10W lamp
halogen. Dial coupled to the base with three functions transmitted, reflected and
Blue filter coupled to the base.
Input voltage 110V 60Hz / 220V 60HZ (manual switch).
optional accessories.
Base diascopic with LED lighting for animal breeding area.
dark field and muli-directional clamp for gemology area.
Instruction manual in Portuguese



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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21.5 × 40 cm