Casco caliper


We know that horses are four-legged animals and spend most of his life standing, therefore, It is very important that their hooves are always healthy, as they are responsible for supporting the full weight and support the horse needs: “No hull, no horse”.

Its structure has a rigid portion (wall) and a soft portion (alone), covering and protecting vital internal structures of functional importance for equines, and so, examine the hoof of a horse is not so simple. It must anatomic and physiological knowledge to identify anomalies and present, like this, make a successful diagnosis of what happens.

The Casco Clamp EQUIBOARD It is an essential tool for veterinary and / or podiatrist evaluate and examine the hull, which exerts pressure on two points, identifying pain and, depending on location, knowing which structure is affected (navicular, Lug bars, marginal edge of the third phalanx, single hull do, cartilage side of the third phalanx, among others), which facilitates the approach of a specific diagnosis of the lesion.



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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 64 × 15 × 5 cm