Containment Trunk

The Containment Trunk or Brete, popularly known as, It is ideal for handling and restraining the animal, for performing various procedures and applications. To be very helpful, It is important and must be present in all the horse farms, to ensure the safety of the animal and the veterinary.

Benefits using the Containment Trunk EQUIBOARD
✓ Allows limiting the horse's movement;
✓ provides more safety for both the animal and the veterinarian;
✓ Useful for rectal palpation procedures as, ultrassonografias, embryo transfers, artificial insemination, etc.;
✓ It facilitates application of vaccines and injections;
✓ Ideal for certain treatments, as uterine washings, station in surgeries, dental examination, etc.;
✓ Help in the management of wild or unruly horses;
Useful ✓ when applying large amounts of serum or moisturizers for long periods, preventing the animal from moving and, therefore, preserving intravenous access via.

Disadvantages not having a Containment Trunk EQUIBOARD
✓ Considerable increase the risk of serious accidents, both for veterinary and for the horse, not enable optimal immobilization of the animal;
✓ Loss of time trying to get the animal stopped;
✓ The need for more people to deal with an animal;
✓ Higher costs with labor and other losses related to improper movement of the animal.



➤ Manufactured in carbon steel.
➤ Dimensions: 250x215x90cm (A/C/L)
➤ reinforced structure.
➤ Cor: Grey

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